Dear Naija Digital Marketer: It’s No Longer Business As Usual


Editor’s note: This article was written by Modupe Ogunyemi and first appeared on LinkedIn

Companies are reaching saturation levels with digital ‘spending’ and it’s only a matter of time before it reaches you. I said this at a Digital Marketing Conference earlier today and I kind of sounded like the prophet of doom, lol. That’s why I like to keep my mouth shut at events like this but these ones got me to participate. If you see young people trying to do something spectacular and you don’t support, then you are a special enemy of progress, the limited edition type :-). 

So you are an aspiring digital marketer, social media manager, yada yada yada….fill in the gap….welcome, happy to have you. Are you bringing something more than the ability to collect money and run Google Ad Words campaigns? Or Facebook campaigns etc? No? Please find another job, biko because you’re 7 years late to the party. Pele!

You see, 10, 7, even 5 years ago, many companies in Nigeria were trying to make sense of this new media space the internet was throwing up. It was common to find companies hire people, agencies, consultants with tons of money and a single objective: do digital for us. It was a sweet period, make we no lie. I’m sure people bought houses in Lekki off of that party. Eeez okay, don’t cry. E pain me too, no be only you 🙂

But now, o di kwa very serious something.

The initial novelty has worn off OR is wearing off OR will wear off….depending on which stage in the digital life cycle the company is. Delivering X impressions were acceptable in 1999, today marketing directors will walk you out of their offices and out of the job for even putting that on a powerpoint slide. Okay maybe that’s a little harsh, but you sha get the point? It’s not enough to spend the marketing budget, what data insight underpins your spending? Are you citing meaningful metrics? Are you achieving the client’s business goals? How are you measuring your performance? Data! Data!! Data!!!

How do you justify the money you spend? How do you convince your client that spending 2 dollars on programmatic as opposed to 3 dollars on Google UAC is a good allocation of budget? What insight do you draw on to make these decisions? If clients are not already asking you these questions, they will. Soon!

Soon, you will find out that the companies will begin to ask you what the return on investment is on the spend and I don’t mean ROAS (return on advertising spend). If all you can show is that you drove x amount of site visits, when the actual business goal is an app install, expect the client’s koboko to fall on you straight up. And if all you know is how to spend money, what do you when when the budget dries up?

Hello box…is there digital marketing with no paid marketing?

Think. Outside. The. Box.

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