BBM Digital and Mobile Innovation Summit in Nigeria: Here’s what you missed


Creative Media Works, operating as BBM Messenger in partnership with MobiHunter, its BBM marketing representative in Nigeria recently hosted digital, marketing and media professionals, partners and clients to its inaugural BBM Digital and Mobile Innovation designed to focus on the future of innovation, rich content, sharing and networking in the new mobile world.

In his opening Timothy Lambrechts, Co-founder and CEO of MobiHunter shared a bit of history of MobiHunter in Nigeria and the partnership of the brand with major channels (including BBM) in delivering advertising solutions to clients in Nigeria and across the African continent. Here are the highlights from the speakers and thought starters on how BBM is shaping up for the future of mobile communications.

Feyi Olubodun-Africa-Marketing

Feyi Olubodun, Managing Director/CEO, Insights Publicis
The next stage in the digital and mobile space in Nigeria

  • 30 years from now 80% of the world’s population will live outside of US and Europe
  • The future of digital, the future of communication in Africa is content because are a storytelling continent
  • The young and growing population in Africa will either a blessing or a curse
  • Brands that want to succeed today will need to be informative, entertaining and relevant
  • For technology platforms to succeed, they must amplify small businesses, win the battle of for content,
  • People do not care the platform as long as they consume
  • The key is to enable slow culture, fast culture and technology
  • The world is hungry to see innovation coming out of Africa

charles_ifedi_interswitch_verve_paycodeCharles Ifedi, Divisional CEO of Interswitch
BBM-Quickteller Integration, innovation, trends and flow of technology in the market.

    • It is time your business plug into existing opportunities to help your customers
    • Convenience, regulations and security are key considerations for mobile payment platforms
    • Don’t just look to build apps and begin to incentive downloads only for them to abandon you afterwards – The best business opportunities are usually opportunities for creating and delivering value
    • Social, Mobile, Information and Cloud: The four nexuses driving the growth and emergence of digital ecosystem globally
    • Our simple vision at Interswitch is to reduce customer effort in performing everyday transactions
    • We are already preparing for a future where without your ATM cards, your transactions can still happen
    • Quickteller on Blackberry allows you to Send airtime and money and other payments using quickteller without leaving the BBM environment




Opportunities: Too much of Nigeria’s innovation is skewed to payment solutions and we need to begin to explore other areas…

  • Digitization – Uberization..payments should become invincible
  • Open APIs and partnerships ( tech and FIN)
  • Self service + augmented reality
  • AI (embedded technologies , IOT)
  • Block-chain (making what we have better)


Adam Pattison, BBM Messenger, VP Americas and EMEA
The BBM Messenger upgrade and trends in Mobile messaging

  • Contrary to all beliefs, blackberry is not dead; it still has over 4 million active users in Nigeria
  • The entire digital ecosystem is changing and how millennials use mobile are driving this shift
  • Nigeria is important for us because it is an economic and social powerhouse for Africa
  • Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social messaging – Mark Zukerberg Nov 2014
  • Contrary to popular belief, the year of mobile started since 2013, but the economy is just booming – micro-payments
  • It started with top ups, P2P and bill payments we now have extended into banners, native ads, push messages and BUY NOW buttons and now BOT integrations
  • Mobile is fast becoming main screen – people can complete their buyer’s journey via their mobile phone
    when considering how users spend their time, messaging apps are now the go to place in the digital world; they have surpassed social networks
  • Previously people used to research online, but go to shops physically to buy. We are now comfortable buying online
  • Contrary to popular belief that the chat world disconnect s people from real world events, research has shown that Chat Messages spike during major world events. The chat word has been proven to drive and amplify real world events and interactions
  • Most business focus on spending time, energy and budget building and promoting apps for their businesses, but the reality is – a quarter of downloaded apps are abandoned after a single use
  • This is why integrating with an app like Blackberry is going to be huge opportunity – it will allow you close transactions where they are online
  • People who use social messaging apps are sharers which are the most valuable consumers in a brand’s ecosystem
  • Majority of sharing happens via email, IM and text ; Public social – 16% ; Dark Social ( 84%)
  • While some businesses are spending 90% of their budget social networks; 84% of communication is already happening via dark social
  • Its time brands and businesses benefit from the internet’s highest converting digital environments

Johnny Amao Country Manager, Mobi Hunter

BBM’s positioning and soon-to-come highlights

  • BBM is not blackberry. The Blackberry phone has been separated from the mobile messaging app a long time ago
  • BBM has moved from a simple mobile messaging app to a mobile ecosystem
  • We have run some of Nigeria’s most converting campaigns across brands

The mobile chat and messaging is taking Africa by the storm providing extensive opportunities for people, enterprise and brands to differentiate themselves and to connect with their customers. It will be interesting to see how BBM re-affirms its position in a market where new entrants like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line and WeChat are eyeing the same African pie.

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