About Us

The future businesses are not necessary the biggest, they will be the ones that have mastered the balance between creativity, culture and digital technology.

Those ones are the businesses of the future.

It is not whether digital and social media will affect businesses, it already is. The question whether you will remain in business if your customer leaves you behind.

Welcome to the age of digital. Consumers have become more complex; they are sifting out signal from noise, separating interruptive bland advertising and choosing the channels and screens through which they want to consume media content. It is no more news, reaching your target market, getting their attention and building a profitable relationship requires a systematic and integrated approach.

Playbook for Brands was established to support practitioners and entrepreneurs in the field of social and digital communications. DMIN is envisioned to become the leading provider of digital and social engagement in  Africa and beyond. Our mission is to provide cutting edge knowledge, best practices, case-studies, research findings and professional education services in Nigeria that will assist business professionals optimize their skills and competence and to be able to develop meaningful and profitable relationships with their target audience.

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