7 Ways to use Facebook Live for your Brand

It all began last December when Facebook Live was tested with select accounts. Four months later, it became available to all users worldwide. Since then, individuals and companies have been finding ways to optimize the platform. It’s now a favorite among top brands and influencers due to the way real-time connection is being regularly established. During each session, there is always an instant feedback and these videos can be viewed anytime on the timeline of the brand’s official Facebook page.

Things to note before starting a Facebook Live session:

  • Get a selfie stick or tripod stand.
  • Make sure you that a strong internet connection is available, preferably, a 4G LTE network.
  • Use smartphones with high quality camera.
  • Let your audience know what the video will be about few hours before you go live.
  • Even though it won’t be edited, create a list that contain key points all the same.
  • Try different locations with good lighting for each session to spice things up.
  • Avoid noisy environments or use a mic if necessary.

1. Make announcements  

Perhaps you are planning a contest and want to present it creatively, try Facebook Live! Your audience will find it irresistible and are bound to find out more about the contest on your landing page. It can also be used as a medium for sharing the latest news from your brand and dates of important events.

2. Product reviews

What better way to unbox that new product or show your fans how it is used than having a Facebook Live session? Alternatively, you can invite few fans for reviews. It is a universal truth that consumers tend to purchase a product when they view a video. By using this approach, you will be advertising your products or services and getting new customers at the same time.

3. Question and answer sessions

Facebook Live could be a great avenue to answer some of the questions asked on your blog or the ones in the comments. Schedule a time that most of your customers will be available. During the session, you can ask questions and take note of their responses.

4. Broadcast events as they unfold

This will be beneficial for those who can’t be present at an event, lecture or product launch. Snippets of the event or the whole coverage can be livestreamed. Let your audience be aware of the date and remind them frequently.

5. Offer useful tips

One thing about video content is that it always captures the attention of the viewers. No matter the nature of your business, find a way to give your audience tips related to your brand from time to time. Once they discover that you are concerned about adding value, you’ll get more shares and some of your videos may go viral in no time.

6. Interviews

Once in a while, make plans to invite guests to your Live session. During an event, you can use Facebook Live to interview guest speakers and top influencers and most of them will be willing to give you an audience. Random people can be asked questions to know their opinions.

7. Behind the scenes

You can give your customers a glimpse of how products are made, your office, or a few minutes in your daily life. Doing this will give them a feeling that they really matter to you.

When using Facebook Live, at least 10 minutes is enough and it can even be longer for better engagement. It’s advisable to keep it short if you are running out of ideas.

These are just some of the ways to use Facebook Live for your business, there are other means, it just depends on how much you allow creativity to flow.

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